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Our dog's cancer is going away!

Our sweet yellow lab Clark was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on January 23rd 2010 the day before he turned 3 years old! We had a surgical bone biopsy done and the vets only gave him 2 to 3 months to live if we did nothing, 4 to 6 months if we amputated his front leg and a 50% chance to live a year if we did amputation and chemotherapy. We opted for a holistic route and started him on K-9 Immunity, Transfer factor plus, salmon oil and some other Chinese herbs our holistic vet gave him. I am happy to say that after we made it 6 months we took him to WSU (Washington State University) for palliative radiation therapy but when they took new x-rays everyone got a wonderful surprise – the cancer is resolving. The tumor is gone and his bone is looking better!! We will be returning to WSU September 13th for another x-ray (1 month apart). We have been able to take him off of his pain medicine but are going to continue with all of his holistic stuff for a while.

I just wanted to share this miracle of good news with you and to say thank you for this wonderful product. All of our vets are in shock because there is no cure for Osteosarcoma and yes they even had the pathologist reread his slides to make sure there wasn’t a misdiagnosis.

Thank you very much,


My dog was diagnosed with terminal & incurable cancer in August (too late for any meaningful treatment).

Shortly thereafter, I bought your product, and from experimenting with using it and then discontinuing it for awhile, I found that there is a noticeable difference in my dog's vitality. In fact, your product along with a few other products, are responsible for giving us all this extra time and such a great quality of life that most people do not believe me when I said my dog has metastasized cancer. Her "few weeks to live" has expanded to months. I am grateful for whatever extra time we are having and wanted to be sure to let you know that I firmly believe that your product is part of the reason why. Again, my deepest thanks.

Teresa (and Becca, the wonder dog).

deja vu 911 rescue dogDeja Vu is a search and rescue dog that worked at a landfill where the debris that was brought over from the WTC. She is a real hero with a number of rescues to her credit during her ten year career. Like many of the dogs involved in the 9/11 rescue, she came down with cancer. The dogs waded through the very worst of the toxic waste, asbestos dust, everything. The humans had hazmat suits and respirators, but the dogs didn't wear protection.

Deja, like many other dogs, is on K-9 Immunity™ and fighting for her life. So far, she is doing well. Keep your fingers crossed for this and the thousands of other dogs that have found hope with K-9 Immunity™. DogCancer.net is providing Deja with a free supply of K-9 Immunity™ as a thank you for her years of service.

K-9 Immunity™ has taken the working dog field by storm, supporting thousands and extending both the quality of life and the length of service. With all they do for us, we are proud to support dogs like Deja and all the thousands of guide dogs for the blind, assistance dogs and other search and rescue dogs. It's good enough for the rescue dogs, and good enough for your dogs.


K9 Immunity is first choice

K9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ are immune enhancement supplements intended for dogs undergoing cancer treatment, or dogs that are facing other serious health challenges. These are the most potent immune enhancement products available for dogs today, and we are so certain they will help your dog they are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. These are the best canine immune supplements money can buy.

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K9 Immunity Plus™

K9 Immunity Plus™ is a new and improved form of the immune enhancement supplement, K9 Immunity™. With the introduction of K9 Immunity™ in 2005, the treatment of cancer in dogs took a huge leap forward. It had been known for a long time that chemotherapy and surgery and radiation did not cure cancer, they only removed the active tumor mass. These treatments do nothing to address the underlying immune dysfunction that was allowing the cancer in the first place.

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Safety Guaranteed

We cannot guarantee that this product or any other medication will cure your dog of cancer. There are no guarantees in medicine. Any company who would make such claims would be hard to trust. What we do guarantee is that we offer Top Quality Products, made in America of all natural, USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

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