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K-9 Immunity™ is an immune system modulator used for dogs fighting serious illness such as canine cancer. It is made from the same pharmaceutical grade immuno-modulating compounds as our human grade Immune-Assist Critical Care Formula™, but it is formulated especially for dogs with cancer. K-9 Immunity™ was developed from human cancer research, and was first used in treating cancer in guide dogs for the blind. It is now available as an over the counter supplement for your dog. K-9 Immunity™ has been used in thousands of dogs with cancer, and for more than seven years in human patients. Talk to your vet about K-9 Immunity™, or order now and get started today! Now available without prescription in the USA and many other countries.

Understanding the Treatments - Immuno-Modulation in Dog Cancer

Twenty-First century canine cancer treatment options: For hundreds of years, the best treatment option medicine had to offer was blood-letting and leeches. In many respects, cancer treatment in the USA is still at the leech stage.  It's not that the doctors don't want to do better, but under our current regulatory guidelines in America, changes in medicine are slow to take place.

Today there is a better approach used to treat cancer throughout the rest of the world. One that offers greater hope of a successful outcome than any previous therapy. The treatment of choice for most cancers consists of a two-pronged approach: 1) Reduce the tumors in whatever way is appropriate for the patient, (surgery, chemo and radiation) while 2) addressing the underlying cause, which is a failure of the body to recognize the cancer cells as invaders and destroy them. This failure of the recognition response is what allows the cancer to grow, and is an immune system dysfunction. What we are hoping to achieve with K-9 Immunity™ is to trigger the dog’s immune recognition response. When we can trigger this recognition response, the animal is able to address the cancer as it would any other wound, and heal it, leaving behind scar tissue. This two pronged approach to cancer treatment is termed Immuno-Modulation therapy, and is the way cancer is being treated throughout the civilized world today.

Of the many countries keepingcancer statistics today, the United States has the very worst remission rates of all. So don’t let anyone tell you we are doing it correctly in this country, and that the Germans, French, English and everyone else has it wrong. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation cannot cure cancer, since they only address one half of the problem. These methods are certainly valuable in treatment, and they definitely do work to reduce the tumors, but they do nothing to address the underlying cause that allowed the proliferation of the cancer cells in the first place. Ultimately, the immune system must be taught to recognise the cancer and fight it for a successful treatment outcome.

First, it helps to understand just what cancer is.

Cancer is the result of the body’s failure to recognize and destroy cells that do not replicate normally. The key to successful cancer treatment is to trigger  immune recognition and response in the dog. When this happens, the dog's own body will usually destroy the cancer and leave behind only scar tissue. Why would a dog's immune system fail to recognize the cancer cells as invaders? In healthy dogs around 100 million cells replicate every day. Just by the shear number of cells replicating, some of them are bound to replicate with errors. One of the main functions of the Immune System is to identify and destroy these aberrant cells before they have the chance to pass that error along. It is only when the immune system fails to recognizes these 'bad' cells that they become cancer. What this means is that cancer is first and foremost an immune dysfunction disease. Because if the Immune System were working properly there would have been no chance for the cancer to begin in the first place. It would have been destroyed on a cell-by-cell basis as it happened. This is actually a process that occurs in all animals from the moment of birth onwards.

For cancer to occur, there are three things that must take place:

  1. Some cells must have errors in replication for the process to begin. There are a number of things that cause an increase in replication errors, like toxins, radiation, congenital defects and most importantly age. It is age that causes the greatest numbers of errors in cellular replication. That is why cancer is much more common in older dogs than in pups.
  2. The second thing that must happen is the dog’s immune system must fail to recognize the aberrant cells when they are formed. At the point of the initial error it is quite easy for the Immune System to overcome the single bad cell. But if that cell escapes detection and divides again, the third step can, and often does follow:
  3. The third thing that happens is that the immune system remains in a non-responsive state for some period of time as the tumor continues replicating. Most of the time, the body will overcome the tumor in the first few days/weeks/month of its growth and spontaneous remission will occur. But occasionally the tumor continues to evade detection and keeps growing until it becomes large enough for the veterinarian to detect.

Reaching the stage at which a tumor is large enough to detect can take a long time, perhaps even years. By the time it is big enough to be diagnosed as cancer it is already quite large: hundreds of millions of cells in size. By this point it is very difficult for the dog’s own immune system to mount an effective defense against the invader; the tumor, tumor without some assistance.

The American concept of cancer treatment is to cut, burn or poison in an attempt to kill off the bad cells (cancer cells). Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the methods of choice, and up until recently the best we have had to offer. While these may remain the only treatment options available in America, in most of the world another component is added to human cancer treatment. It is called Adjunctive Immune Support or Immuno-Modulation therapy. This is also proving to be one of the most promising frontiers in treating dogs with cancer. Immune support, along with conventional therapy, increases the effectiveness and results in higher remission rates.

The largest class of anti-cancer drugs being used in the world today is a class called heteropolysaccharide immunomodulators. These are compounds that trigger enhanced Immune Function, and hopefully, will trigger the patients 'Cancer Recognition Response'. These polysaccharide compounds bind to surface receptors on the various Immune cells and activate them. This means they either turn the cell on, or trigger the production of more of that type of cell, or trigger the release of certain chemicals (cytokines) such as a substance called Tumor Necrosis Factor. The very name itself tells exactly what it does. 'Tumor Necrosis Factor' means 'A Substance Which Kills Tumors'. The reason this Immune System adjunct therapy is being used along with conventional therapy is because it works.

Some might say it is easy to get rid of cancer. You can simply take a knife and cut it out. Unfortunately, in doing so you have not removed the cause of the cancer, which is the immune dysfunction that allowed the cancer to proliferate in the first place. Nor have you addressed the cause when you kill the tumor off with chemotherapy, or burn it out with radiation. All these methods are useful in that they directly kill off the tumor cells, but ultimately they will fail and the cancer will return, unless adequate steps are taken to trigger an effective and appropriate immune response. Without the adjunctive immune modulation treatment, the recurrence rate is so high vets in America are hesitant to even use the word “Cure”. They use the term “In Remission” instead because we know that the cancer is almost certain to return. Why? Because the same cause that allowed the cancer to start the first time is still present. After all the chemo, and the radiation, and the surgery are over and done with, the underlying cause is still there. Wouldn't it be better to attempt triggering the immune recognition response along with the conventional therapy?

The most important thing you can do to help your dog through this fight is to provide him or her with whatever you can to help optimize their Immune Function. There are several good immunomodulating products on the market for people, but not very many serious options for dogs. K-9 Immunity™ from is the best that science has yet come up with for use as an adjunct in canine cancer therapy. There are many aspects of the immune system which work together to trigger an effective anti-cancer response. While the main mechanism seems to be the polysaccharide induced immune modulation, there are secondary mechanisms which are also involved. There are small protein molecules present in the blood which act as immune identifier molecules, called Transfer Factors. On their own, these transfer factors do not seem to have any effect in cancer treatment. But our observation has been that they do add significantly to the bio-availabilty, and thereby to the effectiveness of K-9 Immunity™. While we previously recommended Transfer Factor Plus by 4 Life Research, the new K9 Transfer Factor™ by is more than twice as potent. (400 mg transfer Factor per wafer vs. 150 mg in the 4Life product!). The combination of K9 Transfer Factor™ and K-9 Immunity™ seems to have the most powerful effect in turning cancer around, as well as being very quick acting. Most dogs on this combination experience dramatic improvements within the first ten days of use. Once you see it for yourself, there will be little question of whether it is working or not.

K9 Transfer Factor™ Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

There are unfortunately some websites that would have you believe that a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement will somehow bring about a cure of your dog’s cancer. Some sites even go so far as to claim "you have nothing to fear from cancer" Nothing could be farther from the truth. Cancer is a very serious issue. While multi-vitamin supplements can be an important addition, cancer is a diabolical disease, and it simply does not respond to vitamin therapy. These vitamin/mineral supplements are not seriously regarded in the medical and veterinary community as treatment options for cancer. There is not very much third-party research available to back up these claims either. With polysaccharide immune modulation adjunct therapy, this is not the case.

There are more than 10,000 independent research papers available on polysaccharide immune modulators and their use in cancer treatment. These are research papers from the National Institute of Health, Harvard University, Japanese Cancer Society, Cancer Research UK and all of the other mainstream research organizations. When someone asks, “Why aren’t these methods being more widely used in cancer treatment?” we can only point out that these are naturally occurring compounds and therefore they don't fit our political model of medicine in America. It is unfortunate that money rules medicine, but in many ways this is true. Until these immunomodulator compounds are synthesized and patented, the large U.S. Pharmaceutical companies (who are also the ones manufacturing the veterinary medicines and funding the veterinary schools) will not bring them to market. And when they do, you can bet your life they will cost more than they do now. Fortunately, there are companies like who are on the cutting edge and producing these new compounds now. Take charge of your dog’s disease. Help him to Get Better. Improve her Quality Of Life.

It is important that you consult with your veterinarian to optimize all aspects of your dog’s treatment. We invite and encourage you to share this information with your vet. We would be pleased to share all of our research material with anyone who asks. Cancer treatment is much too serious and much too important to make the decisions by your self.

For an excellent article on immune effects in cancer treatment, please see Dr. Riordan’s article [PDF] Note: The compounds in K-9 Immunity™ act as the co-stimulator molecules mentioned in Dr. Riordan’s article.

NOTE ON DIET: When a dog is fighting cancer, his or her diet is one of the MOST IMPORTANT considerations. Please use the link at the left to go to the Canine Cancer Diet page for more info.

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K9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ are immune enhancement supplements intended for dogs undergoing cancer treatment, or dogs that are facing other serious health challenges. These are the most potent immune enhancement products available for dogs today, and we are so certain they will help your dog they are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. These are the best canine immune supplements money can buy.

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K9 Immunity Plus™

K9 Immunity Plus™ is a new and improved form of the immune enhancement supplement, K9 Immunity™. With the introduction of K9 Immunity™ in 2005, the treatment of cancer in dogs took a huge leap forward. It had been known for a long time that chemotherapy and surgery and radiation did not cure cancer, they only removed the active tumor mass. These treatments do nothing to address the underlying immune dysfunction that was allowing the cancer in the first place.

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We cannot guarantee that this product or any other medication will cure your dog of cancer. There are no guarantees in medicine. Any company who would make such claims would be hard to trust. What we do guarantee is that we offer Top Quality Products, made in America of all natural, USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

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