K-9 Immunity™ Ingredients

K9 Immunity™ is pure immune active polysaccharide mixture, formulated from specially concentrated and purified heteropolysaccharides derived from six species of USDA Certified Organic, American grown laboratory cultivated medicinal mushrooms. It is used in combination with K9 Transfer Factor™ or some other transfer factor based immune protein blend and K9 Omega™ or other source of fish oil derived omega three fatty acids. For detailed info on dosage, chemical composition, etc, please refer to the “For The Veterinarian” link. Each capsule contains 500 mg. of a proprietary blend of over 200 immune modulators of the enzymatically-modified complex hetero-polysaccharide class, derived from the following hyphomycetes species:



• Agaricus blazei
• Cordyceps sinensis hybrid
• Lentinula edodes
• Grifola frondosa
• Ganoderma lucidum
• Coriolus versicolor
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Recommended Dosage

1 capsule per 10 lbs body weight per day. Bottle contains 84 capsules.


K9 Immunity Plus™

K9 Immunity Plus™  Is a New and Improved soft chew version of K9 Immunity™, combining all three active ingredients: K9 Immunity™, K9 Transfer Factor™ and high-potency Omega 3 Concentrate™ - fatty acids from fish oil, in a soft chew treat-like wafer dose format. It is packaged in resealable Mylar bags that come in three sizes, for small dogs under 30 pounds, mid-sized dogs 31-70 pounds and for large dogs over 70 pounds. Each bag is a one-month supply for maintenance dosing or dogs in remission, and two bags make up a full month’s treatment for dogs undergoing chemotherapy or in an active disease state.




K9 Immunity™ Pure Immune-active Polysaccharide Blend concentrate - 600 mg – active ingredient

Omega 3 Concentrate™ - 400 mg – yielding EPA 66 mg and DHA 44 mg – Active Ingredient

APS 40™ Immunoprotein concentrate - 160 mg – active ingredient


Brewers yeast, Chicken Liver Flavor, Glycerin, Soy lecithin, Maltodextrin, Sodium alginate, Calcium sulfate, Canola Oil, Propionic Acid  and Natural Mixed Tocopherols.




Ask your vet if K9 Immunity™ or K9 Immunity Plus™ is right for your dog, or you can order direct from the manufacturer and get your dog started today.

K9 Immunity is first choice

K9 Immunity™ and K9 Immunity Plus™ are immune enhancement supplements intended for dogs undergoing cancer treatment, or dogs that are facing other serious health challenges. These are the most potent immune enhancement products available for dogs today, and we are so certain they will help your dog they are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. These are the best canine immune supplements money can buy.

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K9 Immunity Plus™

K9 Immunity Plus™ is a new and improved form of the immune enhancement supplement, K9 Immunity™. With the introduction of K9 Immunity™ in 2005, the treatment of cancer in dogs took a huge leap forward. It had been known for a long time that chemotherapy and surgery and radiation did not cure cancer, they only removed the active tumor mass. These treatments do nothing to address the underlying immune dysfunction that was allowing the cancer in the first place.

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Safety Guaranteed

We cannot guarantee that this product or any other medication will cure your dog of cancer. There are no guarantees in medicine. Any company who would make such claims would be hard to trust. What we do guarantee is that we offer Top Quality Products, made in America of all natural, USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

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